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Green Equity Builders is a non-profit organization that is designed to facilitate the building of affordable, DIY green 'NetPlus' solar homes. Sweat equity ownership, with community assistance, is used within planned eco-friendly sustainable homesteads. This "Green Equity Building System" is designed for working people who want to subscribe to a modest, sustainable, healthy, green lifestyle. Our conceptual model is described in this "Little Eden Model" whitepaper.

A Way Forward to Sustainable Living

If we are willing to work with Nature and with each other, then we believe that there is a way forward to sustainable living and a better quality of life. Small, solar powered homes can free us from energy cartels, expensive home heating oil, and gigantic cash-guzzling mortgages. Less can be more when the setting is verdant temperate forests, clear running mountain streams, fish ponds stocked with trout, organic community gardens full of delicious food, and down-to-earth neighbors who share the same vision for living.

Some people have been living like this for years, and we hope to learn from them. How have some people managed to succeed and live sustainably? Please note that we are not talking about hippie communes, religious cults, survival compounds or luxury gated communities. We will be looking at small thriving ecologically & financially sustainable communities of sensible people with solid lifestyle values who have made wise choices independent of our consumer culture and its social programming systems. With this in mind, we will then distill what we learn into an open source Guide to Affordable Sustainable Living in the 21st Century.

Guide to Affordable Sustainable Living in the 21st Century

Our open source guide will be a freely distributed knowledgebase of tried & true models and technologies for affordable sustainable living that will include web-based resource links, design, planning & management software, and lots of multimedia presentations that show people things that really work. Our multimedia presentations will demonstrate realistic, workable models. This will not be a simplistic vendor advertising brochure, but a distillation of both pro & con experiences of actual users.

We are a not-for-profit group who believes that amidst this present instability there is a practical, grounded way forward.

NetPlus Home = a NetZero home that produces more energy than it consumes and sells the surplus into the local Smart Grid












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